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I have hired a lawyer in regards to the money they MPS owes me. If u would like to add to this case then hit me up and i will get all the information and put u in touch with my lawyer.

His name is Michael and he is in Atlanta georgia. He has found out some very interesting details about MPS that needs to be made aware of. One detail is that if a customer declines to pay they r insured and legally have to pay us as well as since we r independent contractors we have the right to see and get a copy of the so called charge backs. They by law have to pay us.

Also, the so called agreement they had some girls sign about they have the right to keep our money if ....

Well they dont. That has to be a hand to hand transaction, and if they do its a felony of theft by deception.

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Chargebacks can't be taken to court, you have to take the Client to court. They made sure they put that in the TOS and they are the ones that have to take them to court because it is their processing and system.

Their TOS says chargebacks can be taken from our pay. Don't waste your time and effort. They have started making payments and according to my lawyers we have no case if they do.

They screwed a lot of girls working for them with legalalities! But, be warned, one of the girls I know did a post and redirected to another site, they are going after her so make sure not to post anything on their system!

to Lady Rain #1430014

Lol is how I will respond.For one thing mps doesn't have a lawyer.

Second is, we pso's on the mps site r independent contractors which we can legally reroute our customers that we did the calls for that I have copied formats for legally this makes them my customers just on their platform and I legally have that right to do so no matter what the so called personal NON BINDING CONTRACT says. Ur just mad because I'm letting people know the actual truth that the pso agreement IS NOT LEGAL.

Ask any lawyer in this area they will explain. I encourage u to send ur lawyers on me as u said.

I haven't received the first call or certified court letter. Also just so all of u pso's know that when they say and make u sign that agreement that if u breach this so called agreement that they have the right to terminate us and keep our funds, well that too is a lie and is not legal as well. Even if u signed this which most of us do.


Which means us as pso's have to give to them. They CANNOT take it and terminate u. YES, they can terminate u for no reason, but what they CAN NOT DO is take what is rightfully yes.

Make sure whatever is owed u make copied to format as I did and they can't touch u.

As they can't with me either because I know my law. By the way I am that one they r talking about coming after, but they legally can't and they know this lol.

They r just blowing smoke up everyone's butts trying to look smart when they aren't and dont know the first thing about law.In fact if anyone would like more info and fact here is a number to contact me 7702337666 feel free to call.


I need to file as well they owe me lots for chargeback lots


Mistress Marilyn hates it so much yet according to one of my clients took calls on Phonesexbook just two weeks ago. She mustn't be that upset about it!

to Anonymous today7 #1429982

R u mad Christina? Well maybe if u weren't so bad about helping to rip people off then I wouldn't have to get MY callers that I never got paid from to follow me to NF.

So yes I took calls to reroute then to my Nf since u and ur *** company owes me and many others money.

Karma is a real *** so watch out. I have much more pull than u think I do.


MistressMarilyn,Please send me the attorney's name. I would appreciate it, I am trying to recoup my money also.





Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20580

Telephone: (202) 326-2222   THEN GO HERE AND FILE A COMPLIANT  Internet crime center compliant then we wait &  post this info every where like


I recently worked with a girl from MPS and she and I were suppose to be 50/50. After a month of working my *** off to get things off the ground, she disappeared with all the money and refuses to pay me or any of the girls that worked for us.

This was on NF. I bet dollars to donuts that she did this to her girls on MPS as she ran quite a few sites there. She is a lying thief and has told everyone from MPS that she never got paid by Cliff. Yeah, right.

After what she did with me, I'm sure she got paid and just refuses to give anyone anything.

I'm not naming names right now, but if this sounds like someone you may know or worked for, email me at with details and I'll let you know who I'm talking about. So many crooks in this business, even the PSOs!

to Anonymous #1389580

Any MPS web-owner stating they were not paid by MPS is probably telling the truth because all I read on forums is that operators are not being paid - and that is my personal experience with them as well.

to Abbey #1391077

Abby, that anonymous about the NF girl is a rip off artist who got banned from NF for fraud and tries to use other ops info to start up accounts and ends up getting people banned for association with her. She is bad news! Stay away!

to Anonymous #1391006

This reply is to defend the one you say stole your Nite Flirt money. You go by Lisa Fuller but your name is Holly and you got banned for fraud from Nite Flirt, they confirmed it.

So shut up with your lies.

Nobody has been paid on MPS for almost 2 months now, that is a fact. Even their own employees were not paid.

to Anonymous #1396003

MPS is going down. There has been a massive breach of security with their website and one of their admins released ALL of the callers names and email addresses!

This information can be published and these people can be exposed. This is TERRIBLE. This information is being forwarded to the attorney handling this. Just one more reason why you shouldn't *** with people .


. The person behind this breach will be revealed if she doesn't do what she knows she needs to do to end this *** fest.

to Anonymous #1396295

I'm a bit confused about your post regarding the breach on MPS.

Can you clarify or provide more information?

to Anonymous #1414938

Um there was no breach, the previous owner, Gary, copied all of the clients and operators and added them to his new database which is why all operators on MPS got an email inviting to join, along with the clients, as long as it was a valid email address that is!


Please send me info, too. They owe me hundreds of dollars.


Can you comment me I worked for them two weeks and both of my direct deposits show finished however the money never hit my account. They owe me 268.00


Please tell us how we can contact you to speak with this lawyer?

to Pissedoffwebowner #1380153

Leave me ur number or email

to Angela1969 #1380156

Is this Cliff? If so i sent u in text his information already and u still haven't returned any emails nor any of my calls.

to Angela1969 #1380961

I'm not Cliff. However I would love to get my hands around that chicken neck of his!!!!!

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