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To start with the girl who runs the CS DEPT, lol aka Samantha is an old time hustler from niteflirt. This girl lies about anything and everything and rips people off coming and going. She also has a PSO webdesign site where she posts raving reviews of HER OWN SITE, MPS pretending to be someone else!

If you call their "Support" Number, her cell phone lol, 951-331-5129 you will always get her or her VM which is ALWAYS full. If by some stroke of luck you do reach her, she'll tell you she is at the bank and can't talk right now but she will return your call. Hours and even days later YOU CALL HER and she will tell you sorry I am doing payroll right now and can't talk I'll call you back OR she will tell you she is in a meeting.

Ask why you can't enter your banking information into the site and she will tell you they are upgrading the site so the system is a little off BUT you can take calls anyway.

Yeah right! Take calls on their system and you will be lucky to EVER see your money.

This whole site is run by a scammer/professional scam artist and her friends. No doubt in the garage out back. There is NO Customer Support. There is no professional anything there. They will give you the run around for months on end!

Try to work off of their site and sooner or later you'll get burned.

Oh side note: she collects peoples personal information and has been doing it for years. DON'T GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! You will regret it!

Plus they will do anything for a buck, kitty ***, hardcore ***, rape, ***, ***, nothing is taboo. They are disgusting! Unlike professional sites where they have and enforce not being able to do such filth!

This site is morally and legally unfit and needs to be shut down ASAP!


Review about: Myphonesite Customer Care.


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They don't own me money, they literally farmed my information under the guise of employment then simply never contacted me again.

Have filed a complaint included all emails, and contact number they contacted me from.





Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20580

Telephone: (202) 326-2222   THEN GO HERE AND FILE A COMPLIANT  Internet crime center compliant  https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx then we wait &  post this info every where like  https://myphonesite.pissedconsumer.com/myphonesite-mps-owes-so-many-people-money-201710251120247.html call me 1 866 376 9582

Los Angeles, California, United States #1347856

Holy moly samantha KARMA IS A YOU KNOW WHAT


to Kay #1390616

Yes I Recently was working for mps for 3 years until they empty my bank account..Samantha suppose to be in hospice cliff the payroll guy but one thing they will no longer be in business they are scamming the guys credit card too recent update

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1335342

Reviewing these comments make my heart sink..I am Gary - the one the built MPS from the ground up and sold it in 2014 to Samantha.

It was agreed during the sales contract that I was not to disclose the same as she was concerned that it might cause issues (because prior to this things were working rather well). It also turned out to be bad for my personal reputation because people still thought I controlled the website.

Emails were even sent by Samantha in my name (which I never agreed to)

It turned out to be very bad for the users on the site and for that I am sorry.I always tried to provide the best is customer support and I know I wasn't always perfect, but I did respond and send out payments.

Now that the deal is complete I am trying to absolve my name from all of the poor customer service and problems that resulted after I released control of the site.

Again - please accept my apologies for the problems that this caused.

to Gary #1390617

I would love if you can email me at phonesex988@gmail.com imperative

New York, New York, United States #1218173

i so feel your pain.samantha is a crook.

the site was much better when gary ran it. at least you could get paid sometime and he would respond to emails. now they dont even bother to respond unless they think youe a new sucker trying to sign up. they owe me atleast $200.00 i can see when samantha is on gmail hangouts an i send text after text about my money..she never responds.

if yor a PSO..

try niteflirt.but please whatever you do dont sign up with myphonesite.com as a caller or as a call taker


Tired of myphonesite.com, one girl answers the phone for several operators. Whats the use in trying to talk with someone new when you get the same girl over and over again. See you later MPS!


They owe me money too, I am waiting my payment since April 2015.They owe me 250usd, and I emailed Samantha, and she always said that the check been sent and now is lost, she said she will resend and I never get that check...

and now when I've asked wire transfer she's not answering to my emails anymore. AVOID MYPHONESITE AKA MPS! IS SCAM!



I tried MPS and was missing a payment.I thought, no problem, we'll put in a trace.

It has been months and I have heard nothing. It wasn't much money but it could have been more. Also, 2 callers mentioned minutes were missing from their account that they did not use.

I cannot reach MPS by phone.

I get a recording.. I have put in tickets and no response except for the one where they are putting a trace on it and that was months ago.

I have checked other reviews and I expect this will be followed up shortly with people that say how much they love www.myphonesite.com and how great they are, and how they pay on time. Of course, these comments will all be made by different people on the same day. It makes me wonder about the truthfulness of the comments.

It is a shame because platforms out there are few and far between.

I thought I had found something that worked for me but I will go back to my old platform.

I also saw where a person that complained was threatened with a lawsuit. WOW! So we have to be quiet? I am owed the money, so that is theft in my book but not enough to do something about legally.

Taking minutes from clients wasn't cool either. These guys notice these things.

One more thing, this has nothing to do with putting my banking info in correctly. I received money before and after this missing payment.

I just hate lack of communication.I hope this helps anyone looking for actual experience with the company.

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