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MyPhoneSite owes me money, along with plenty of other girls. The site used to be owned by Gary Hickman but he sold it to ADA WETHINGTON (who goes by the alias, "Samantha") a couple of years ago.

The corporation name she uses to run MPS is MFT Services, LLC. After the sale of MPS was final, Samantha never changed any of the information on the MyPhoneSite website to show who now owns it. It still says it's owned by My Phone Site, LLC in Knoxville, TN but THAT IS NOT ACCURATE! I think the reason she hasn't changed it is so no one can find her to sue her!

Here is the link to her incorporation papers, naming her as owner of MFT Services, LLC.: It's been almost two months since MyPhoneSite last paid me. They made up an excuse to shut down the site for a month as a way of not paying us. Any monies that were already in the system to be paid became "frozen." They lied and told us that any money made moving forward would be paid on the usual weekly schedule. That didn't happen.

So they owe me two paychecks, the one that was tied up when they "froze" everyone's account and the subsequent one. They USED to answer emails without any issues. Once you start emailing/calling/texting asking where your pay is, that's when they stop responding. I have literally emailed/texted/called them probably 50 times in the last two months.

They have just stopped communicating altogether. And once you start asking where your money is, they lock you out of the website so you can't go in to take out your personal information or do screenshots of the invoices that they still owe you on. Luckily, I had a feeling about this and screenshot the two invoices that they still owe me on before they locked me out for the second time. The owner, Ada ("Samantha") has her husband "Cliff" also on board.

(BTW, I don't think they're married. There are no records showing this. Again, I think it's another lie.) The "story" they've been telling everyone is that Samantha is sick and in the hospital... as if that's any reason not to pay your contractors!

That story has been going on for months. Since neither Samantha or Cliff have the balls to call and let me know where my pay is, they had this crazy woman call me. She left two voicemails cursing me out... telling me I wasn't going to get paid...

and then telling me she was going to use the same model that I used to use on MPS and that I use on Niteflirt and she was going to start posting her pics everywhere and start taking calls as her. That's how crazy these people are! I think that lady is Samantha's mother (who is also a part of this circus). She's the one who originally helped Samantha with the money to start another phone sex business (MS Productions) and to help buy MyPhoneSite.

It was definitely a much older woman on the phone, so I think it was her. They have the nerve STILL be posting hiring ads for their site!

I just hope operators are smart enough to research a company before starting to work for them! Stay far, far away from

Reason of review: Company doesn't pay their contractors!.

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What is sad is that these people are placing hiring ads on sites like LustJobs under other company names, preying on operators who haven't a clue that they won't be compensated for their hard work. This site needs to be shut down before they can rob more workers out of their earnings.

to anonymous #1392004

Get a clue! I am a website owner on MPS along with other places and personal domains.

I had job listings up on *** Jobs, MPS didn't have any of their own. The website owners on there hire people, plain and simple. All of the site owners on MPS are getting screwed over.

I pulled my own listings down after being accused of being Samantha or Cliff. Their whole site is based on business owners like me making my own websites and promoting so before you bash anyone who is posting job ads on LustJobs maybe you should know what the heck you are talking about!

to Anonymous #1392088

Samantha owned and ran her won phone sex company before becoming associated with MPS (ultimately purchasing it from Gary), and still hires operators for those sites {{Redacted}} that she bills as MS Productions.

If site owners on MPS are being screwed over and not being paid - why are they still attempting to hire operators that are paid directly by MPS, and aren't being paid either? These operators may not know that they will be working for an MPS webowner who is dependent upon MPS for payment until they don't get paid, and are given the excuse by the webowner that MPS screwed them too?

to Anonymous #1393239

Do you know how to read? Most site owners have other platforms besides MPS, which is why they look to hire, myself included. That being said, I did mention that I took down my own job postings to avoid being associated, and that was a while ago.

to Anonymous #1393248

On the job ads, they would specifically link to one of their MPS websites. So THAT is how we knew they were hiring for MPS and not some other platform.

You keep snapping at people.

MPS must owe you an awful lot of money or you wouldn’t be so nasty. Good luck getting paid.

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